Webcor 2449 am fm short wave radio repair and alignment

Change all electrolytic capacitors first. Don't forget the one behind and attached to the volume control.

Before I changed the caps in this set

webcor 2449 am fm

After cap change. I didn't change the 500uf power supply filter caps because they tested good. If I would going to be using this radio allot on line power I would replace them with 470uf.

webcor 2449 4 band radio

Some of the bad caps from the audio amp stage. All are totally dead.

2449 cap change

FM IF and detector alignment. DO NOT do this unless you have the proper equipment and defiantly never turn the colored slugs by ear or peaking for loudest volume.

Inject 10.7 MHz signal. (green clip) to ground. With radio tuned to static, no station and using a tube voltmeter measuring from positive of capacitor (red clip) to ground, peak the 3 slugs.

After 3 are peaked, measure form resistor to ground (yellow clip) ZERO blue slug.

webcor 2449 alignment


Dan, nuggettzz2000@yahoo.com