Webcor 2449 radio repair and restoration. This 4 band late 60s radio works fairly well after restoration. Bad electrolytic capacitors cause most of the problems, I have also found open resistors and faulty transistors.

Webcor 2449 Radio

Replacing ALL the electrolytic capacitors is the first thing you want to do.

Webcor 2449 Capacitors

You can solder the replacement electrolytic capacitors to the back of the board if you want to preserve the original look.

Webcore 2449 Capacitors

This radio also had a bad 2sa40 transistor in the fm circuit that was causing very poor fm performance as well as an open capacitor.

Webcor Week FM

These big can germanium transistors are very prone to failure and shorts



I have been trying to locate a schematic for the model 2449, I believe its in the original owners manual. Please let me know if you find one!

Start by replacing all the electrolytic caps. They are all polarized and have the values on them. You cant get the same style rounded off values anymore. IE for a 5uf use a 4.7uf for a 3 use a 2.2. Its not that critical at all. This is most likely most of the volume issue.

Spray the volume and tone pot with contact cleaner when you have it apart. There is a little hole in the back of the pot that you can squirt the spray into,.

I have no other info yet. So many of these radios and so little info on them.

Another issue could be the old germanium transistors are going bad. They are going bad at this age. The big fat ones on the left of the board I have had issues with. They loose gain and wont oscillate or amplify properly. I have had success using some use small germanium ones out of an old CB radio I have. You cant change them for silicone.

I have also found open resistors in the 2449.

Start with the caps and let me know what you get.

Its a fairly good radio. Has good am and fm sensitivity. The other 2 bands are kinda pointless. Most of the use on those bands is side band so the radio cant decode it and it needs a much bigger antenna for those bands.


Dan, nuggettzz2000@yahoo.com