telVintage Tube Table Top Television Tv Sets. NEC Packard Bell Black and White Color 

RCA CTC16 Color Round Tube Combo Unit with Stereo Tuner and turn table. I put a rebuilt Hawkeye Picture tube in and it has an amazing picture.

rca ctc16 round crt hawkeye picture tube

rca ctc16 chassis tv set

rca stereorca new vista color ctc 16

Sylvania 22 inch color console CE36-K Sams 1072-2. Tin Whisker shorted AGC pot, blew open short with b+, open 1.5 meg Red screen pot replaced with fixed resistors. Verticle hold issue, changed c38 and c41 .0033uf caps in the feedback circuit. Vert hold was all the way counterclockwise and would fall out of correctability as set warmed up. Whisker shorted vert linearity pot. Still has a minor vert linearity issue at top. Horizontal output Cathode current 200ma, sams lists 280ma. Traces on boards very fragile and some came off on caps I replaced. Cabinet and CRT are in great condition. Great color picture, maybe the best I have seen on a color tube set. Problem is vert is running to slow. I have the vert hold control all they way closed (grid at -5volts not -10) the picture will lock when the set is cold. After on for 45 minutes it drifts to a point where it starts skipping. If I decrease the size it will lock and stay.

sylvania color tube tv

Packard Bell made in Los Angeles Black and White remote set. Astronaut

packard bell black and white tv

packard bell astronaut television

packard bell astornaut remote set

This is the same chassis as the above set no remote though.

packard bell 19t13 black and white tv

Teledyne Packard Bell PB900 NEC Japan Made metal table top color set.

packard bell color table top NEC mad

NEC Packard Bell Tube table top tv

Sharp CN-62TC color hybird table top color television. Good CRT 12 tube

Sharp color tube table top tv

sharp color tube tv chassis

Sylvania CE27K 20 tube color table top. good crt, same issues as console above to get working. cathode current 240 ma. great picture, seems a bit soft though.

Sylvania color tube table top crt

The price tag hang tag

sylvania table top hang tag

Zenith metal table top hotel set 14a9c27 14a9c28 14a9c29 14a10c27 14a10c29

zenith hotel televison set

zenith tube hotel set

rca 8psc41 projection tv 1948

rca 8psc41

The Clubman CL-5

the clubman


None are currently for sale, however I may consider rental for props.

Vintage tvs 1

Vintage tvs 2