More of my vintage tube tv television collection. Tube console tvs. Packard Bell, Zenith, RCA

RCA CTC 11 Color Round Tube Console

RCA Victor CTC 11

Packard Bell 98C9 98C10 Color Console Swivle Base

Packard Bell 98C9

Hoffman Easy Vision Green Glass Console Black and White Tube TV

hoffman easy console

Vintage Magnavox MV29 Television Black And White

magnavox television vintage

Old 1960 RCA Victor KCS 164 Tube Table Top TV

RCA Vintage TV

Zenith 20cc50 chassis color console tv. Works, crt is good.

Had bad cap in the vertical output 100uf 50v. 170ma cathode. Replaced demodulator ic. Green is not bright, lawns and plants look brownish green. Sync is flaky. Pincushion issues. sams 1267-3

zenith 25cc50 console tv

Another color console using the 25cc50. Works, very strong crt

Burn 1k resistor from pin 3 of hv regulator to ground, replaced with 1.5k socket was also arcing, scraped it clean. cathode 185ma. HV is not regulating properly and low. bad 6GH8 color osc causing no color. quadrate coil was so far out of adjustment there was no sound. VDR regulating voltage to vertical size pot was replaced with wrong part causing poor linearity. Replaced with 220K resistor. Color is ok, picture shakes when solid lines in image. Good color, strong crt. One of the electro lytic caps in the vertical circuit has a hole in it. Lots of cut leads and botched repairs.

zenith console tv

The 25cc20 chassis. About 14 tubes a few ics and transistors

25cc50 chassis zenigh

Zenith Y4520-4 early American cabinet color console with 20y1c38 chassis. Strong channel master 25xp22 crt. Good bright color picture. 190ma cathode current. 6LB6 Minor vertical linearity issue at top of screen and on and off jittery. Brightness flashes/pulses at times

zenith 20y1c38

Zenith 20y1c38 chassis

20y1c38 chassis

Packard Bell crw504 color console. 1969 Packard Bell 25" Color.98D17 Chassis Sams- Cathode current runs 215ma Sams lists 225ma. Flyback was melted and shorted, horizontal output tube burn up. Replaced flyback and 6JE6. Broken wire on hv adjust pot had pulled away form chassis ground. Rerouted ground do to high stress design. Leaky/shorted video detector diode causing ringing/agc/sync and general unusable picture. 1N64a replaced with 1N34a GE diode. Set has great picture, some vertical shadow likes on left side as well as width is too short on left side and pulls in on some scenes. Can get red purity perfect. Overall excellent picture and color. Set is super low use/new old stock and must have failed on showroom floor or shortly after delivery due to broken wire.

packard bell console tv

bad detector diodebad packard bell flyback transformer

packard bell color console tv

New old stock Packard Bell cq955 color console. 98c18 chassis. NEW (cathode current on the other one like this 6JE6 is 210 ma)

packard bell 16m51 cq955

Packard Bell 98c18 chassis

packard bell 98c18 chassis

The hang tags still with the set

packard bell hang tags

Philco round tube roundie 16m91 chassis color set. Great crt works, no focus, needs a focus diode. Part is here and its on the fix list.

philco 16m91 color roundie

Philco 16m91 chassis

philco 16m91 chassis

RCA XL100 solid state ctc68 chassis color tv. Weak CRT, works. Sprayed controls and went through grayscale setup. Decent picture. After a week of use the pre driver in the vertical circuit got funky and the height went way to big. Replaced transistor and stability is back. Instant on failed pre driver transistor

rca xl100 solid state console

RCA CTC68 Chassis

rca ctc68 chassis

1972 Magnavox Color tube console tv. T95813 Chassis Works . Had blown 5 amp power fuse replaced, went through setup. sams 1273-2 6JE6 horizontal output. Cabinet has some rubbed light spots but ok. Color working good

magavox console tv

magnavox tube console chassi


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