This is my vintage antique TV collection, I have repaired and restored all of these sets to working order. All are tube valve television sets, a few are hybrid.


Vintage Sylvania 20 inch Color all tube.

sylvania 1960s

Zenith 19cc19 chassis space command 4 tube color hybrid. Works well, came from an estate sale. i

Zenith Space Command 19cc19

RCA Victor KCS 72

RCA Victor TV

RCA KCS 37 ?


With the door open

1966 Sears Silvertone black and white. Has a popped capacitor in the horizontal deflection circuit, works but has a weak crt. Garage sale

sears silvertone black and white television

sears silvertone chassis

Capehart 327 M Combo

capehart 327


RCA CTC 35a color tv. Great picture, came from an estate sale.Cathode 215ma. Sams 925. .033uf capacitor in the vertical circuit took 2 weeks to find. All the 'orange/red drop capacitors are drifting and not The Mylar prevents the cap from ever becoming leaky, but the paper can deteriorate so that the cap becomes lossey and does not have a well defined value. This the same with most of these late 60s sets. Set has packard bell flyback as a replacement.

bad caps

rca tube console tv ctc35

ctc35a chassis

Zenith tube 25 inch color console, 16z7c50z chassis. Had a burnt resistor when I adopted it from Denver CO

zenith console tv

zenith tube tv chassis

Zenith 1966 25mc36 chassis combo console with record player and solid state stereo. 12" woofers. Adopted from Denver CO on the same trip as the console. Very heavy solid wood combination unit we had to get up stairs. High voltage was arcing everywhere due to lots of cigarette crust/juice. Cleaned it up and repaired some wiring issues and it works good.

zenith combo tv 25mc36

25mc36 tube chassis

RCA CTC17 combo unit. Rescued this from the curb in Central LA. Worked but has some bad capacitors and a bad color crystal. 15 inch woofers.

rca ctc17 combo tv stereo

Late 60s 17inch Zenith black and white. Had a shorted vertical output transformer that was not available, had to use a different style and change the vertical output circuit to adapt to the new part.

zenith tube black and white tv

tube zenith television

Another late 60 Zenith BW, had a bad vertical integrator that I had to make up out of different parts.

zenith 14y21 tube black and white tv

14y21 zenith chassis

1968 Zenith 20x1c38 chassis color combo. This is a more modern version of the one above. Same tuner and turntable, different chassis. Needed lots of work, flyback, resistors, tubes, capacitors, diode.

1968 zenith antique tv

This is the chassis out for service.

20x1c38 zenith chassis

The underside of the hand wired chassis. Note the signatures on the if shield.

hand made zenith chassis

The tuner

vintage zenith tuner

zenith tv phono record player

1972 GE H-3 chassis port a color. Had to have one.

ge port a color televison

ge h4 chassis

1973 Zenith Sidekick Blue jeans Taiwan made black and white 4 tube hybrid. Works..

zenith blue jeans tv 12cb12zx

zenith 12cb12zx chassis

1964 RCA black and white stereo combo. Needed filter capacitors. Got it from a local listing.

rca black and white combo tv stereo

rca black and white tube chassis

rca tube stereo tube tuner

1955 CBS black and white. Needed capacitors. Very strong crt. great picture. Replaced lots of capacitors. IF alignment helped with sound buzz and noise background in picture. Installed cathode current fuse and increased filament resistor with 40 ohm to cool filaments down a bit.

1955 cbs tv set

rca tube stereo tuner combo unit

Sony KV-1210U 1970s Color

Sony KV1210

Travler black and white, needed capacitors. Weak crt and tubes but works.

vintage travler tv

antique travler tube chassis

Packard Bell 21DC12 RM202 98D7

You can see more pictures of the movie "No Secrets" on my website under Production Design. Clips of the movie are also included in my reel, soon to be posted on my site. Good luck with the tv and have fun with it! Let me know when you get it working again. I am glad it went to a good home! Thanks again.C

BTW, I bought that tv from the CHLA (Children's Hospital Los Angeles) Thrift Shop in 1990 and paid $25. for it then!

The tubes are now back in this set and its working. No sound though.


packard bell in movie

packard bell tv

packard bell vintage

black and white tube tv

vintage tv

packard bell remote

Hoffman Easy Vision Black And White TV

Hoffman Easy Vision


Packard Bell Teledyne 900 TVs

Vintage TVs5

Vintage tvs 3


I may consider rental or sale.

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