Milan Technology MIL-S801SC 8 port 10/100base-tx+100base-fx switch no power dead wont turn on failure repair.

Milan Switch

I repaired 30 of these for a company and all had the same problem. Defective power supply filter capacitors. 2200uf 6.3volt.

MIL-SM801P Managed 8 port 10/100 ethernet switch failure, if lights are flashing or strobing and wont stay on the KA1H0165R (Fairchild Power Switch(FPS)) is the most likey cause.

sm801p milan switch

Bad Capacitors are easily identified by their bulging pushed up tops. All capacitors with puffy tops or brown crust on top must be replaced.

Milan Capacitor

Very Easy to repair. This one has 3 bad Capacitors

Milan Switch Repair

MIL-S3130SC repair flashing wont power up.

milan s3130 switch

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