How to remove crt picture tube green yellow ring halo cataract from a zenith style picture tube crt.

First, let me stress safety. Cover yourself and ware a face shield.

This is a mod on Doug's How to repair CRT cataracts RCA removal how to. Watch these videos first.

The Zenith style is a soft glue, almost like wet silicone.

crt green halo
This is the Zenith style crt with green halo.

green picture tube ring
First remove the tape.

removing green picture tube halo
Pile of removed tape.

cieaning picture tube saftey glass
Just as in the video, I warmed the lens up a bit to soften the glue.

zenith picture tube green ring
This is what I'm using as a hot wire to cut though the glue. I got a 5 pack of these guitar strings for $6.

picture tube catarac repair
You could use an old filament transformer for this. Something fairly high current. I'm not sure what this transformer is out of but the secondary output is about 10volts at 20 amps. I'm using my variac to regulate the output so the guitar string doesn't just turn red and burn.

cleaning crt green rign
Size the guitar string up to be just about an inch longer than the small width of the crt face. Screw it down to to blocks of wood wrapping the string around the screws. It has to be fastened to the wood well.

sylvania picture tube repair
Turn the vairac up to where the wire gets good and hot but not to the point it weakens. This takes some experimenting. Start at the corner working through the glue.

crt green halo repair
Work your way through....

removing green ring from picture tube
Keep going....pulling back and forth a little....

zenith catarac repair
Getting there. This really went very fast. Less than a minute to cut the safety lens loose.

removing safety glass crt
Lift lens off.

From here follow the cleaning and re installation steps in Doug's (drh4683) Videos.

Clean crt face and lens well and apply double stick tape around edge between glass and screen.

This was much easier than I thought. When the lens and wire are warm the wire cuts right through the glue with ease.