Burning Phone Soft Rock Camp Will Return in 2011!

This year Choice Wireless, a cell phone and data provider in West Nevada is providing 3 unlimited phone lines for our camp. We may also have open wifi or an open computer terminal to check email, social networking etc using Choice data.

Check out Battle Of The Soft Rock Djs Friday 9/2/2011 10-11:30an PST on BMIR

We are located in the 4:30 Plaza, stop by and say hello!

Burning Phone Camp 2009

Burning Phone Camp 2010

battle of the soft rock djs

Burning Phone Camp 2009

Public Phone At Burning Man 2008

 Burning Man Public Phone 2008

Burning Phone used old 3 watt analog bag phones, good Yagi antennas and cable. Service was Alltel Wireless coming from the Winnemucca Mountain tower more than 75 miles away. Phones were set to 'extended talk' limiting output power to about 1/2 watt. Batterys were recharged daily using solar. Cellular Connection interface modems were used to adapt standard desk phones to bag phones.

We processed about 7000 calls and 7500 minutes.

Check us out on WIRED, Here

Contact: kpanlogo2003@yahoo.com


Cellular Yagi Antennas Burning Man

(Small Yagi is my wifi connection to center camp)

Ranger Uses the Phone

3 Phones in Use
7 and Dart
Adjusting After Wind Storm
Dust Storm
First Test Call
From Top of Car Art Car
Late Night Call To Office
Line at Dusk
On A Hot Day
Sponge Bob Calls Israel
Unrelated Phone Car