Burning Phone Camp 2009 Open Public Cell Phones at Burning Man

This year we used Nextel iden because it doesn't have the hard distance limits gsm and cdma have, analog has been turned off in this area.

Burning Phone 2010

burning phone campburning phone plaza

Hello Burning Phone crew,

I was the guy you probably saw the most of----lost my keys out on the deep playa tuesday night, and spent wed-friday working frantically to either find them, or make calls to Hertz and AAA from your camp.

I was using your phone wednesday night, thursday am around 6:45, thursday night, and friday am around the same time. I can't tell you how much your gift helped me out throughout the week---without the communication with Hertz and AAA, I would have had to make several trips to Gerlach.

It's tough to put into words the amount of appreciation if I have for what you guys did, and the amazing gift that you gave the citizens of BRC.

Please make sure that all members of the camp read this email-----thanks again!!!!

John F, G Spot Camp

building burning phone

Building the phone stations

camp burning phone

cell phone at burning man

nevada microwave and tower

Building and testing the 7/8" low loss hard line coax cables with Curt at Nevada Microwave and Tower. This quality of cable is necessary because the tower is far away over a mountain range and the signal is very weak. They will be used to connect the antennas to the phone.

building cables at nevada microwave

testing cables at nevada tower microwave

Our camp when we arrived on the Playa.

arrival at burning man 2009

Checking for a signal and adjusting the antennas.

setting up the yagis

Ed finishes installing the hard line coax.

low loss hard line coax

Checking the signal.

testing yagi signal

We have cell service!

cell phone burning man

Our energy source.

burning phone energy source

The cellular yagi antennas.

yagi cell phone antennas

Getting the camp together, Joy painted us the sign.

burning phone sign

Micah's Burning Phone Flag

burning phone flag

Tracy on the phone

tracy at burning phone camp

Live music?

burning phone camp 2009


cell phone camp

The Line

line waitning for the phone

phone at burning man

man phone

The Knob!


Burning Phone Crew 2009: Dan, Ed, Joy, Melissa, Micah, Tracy and adopted on site, Alex

burning phone camp crew

joy and tracy

more crew

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