University Sound 30" ELECTROVOICE EV 30W PATRICIAN 30 INCH WOOFER 30W They were rated at 104db/1w and rated to take 60 watts rms and 150 peak Three inch voice coil. The cone is pressed styrofoam. I built this in the mid 90s in the LA nightclub. They didn't deal to well with pounding house music. Lasted about a year.

Update 2010, We installed a set of folded horns inside these cabines to bring them back to life. Here

University Sound 30 inch woofer

30 woofer cabinet EV University Sound

Electrovoice 30 inch woofer

15 years later I went back to remove the remaining driver. They were taken out of use 2 years after built. The driver has several holes but I may be able to patch it. The cabinets became the front part of the stage in a large nightclub.