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Former BLM Adopt A Cabins, Mines and Cabins in Death Valley Saline Valley and Panamint Valley. Maintaining and restoring miners cabins and exploring mines. Remote Cellular and Data setups and installations. Cellular and Data where no land line is available. Off the grid phone. Features and attractions in the desert. Mojave and Death Valley National Park area. Pictures of cabins and mines. Adopt A Cabins cabin Cabins. Vintage Zenith RCA CBS antique tube television tv sets repair and restore. Exploring Gold Mines and mining Equipment in the West. Hiking and Backpacking to areas in the National Park and BLM lands. Public analog phone at Burning Man. Yes, I maintain the Boxcar Cabin.

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Crutch Bill

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harry reid nancy peloci rest stop

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Curtis Cabin Cleanup 2/2014

Roof 1/2014

Mingus Mead Cabin Fire

Sheep Creek Springs Cabin Removed By Barstow BLM late 2011

Abandon Prison and Housing

Dukes Camp by Moonlight

Burning Phone 2010 Public Cell Phones

Plywood Cabin for Burning Man 2010

Anon Ashrama Wolff Cabin (2.5mb page)

PN408 Cabin

Random Nevada Stuff

Bernanke and Ottoman Mines

Tobacco Cabin

Fallout Shelter Adit

Lost Pothole Mylar Mine

Burning Man Phone Camp 2009 Rural Nextel Public Phone Booth

Mule Tack

Baker to Vegas 2009 Communications

Playboy Cabin

VerIzon Cabins 2.0

Linda Vista Abandon Hospital

Dukes Camp

Saline Valley Monster Blue Snow and Mine

White NGK

12/08 Marble Bath 1 and 2

10/15/08 West Nevada Mine and Cabins

Burning Phone 2008 Public Phone Burning Man

9/1-9/7 West Nevada Mines And Cabins

Glacier Pack Train Big Pine CA Cell Install

7/08 Trip

Panamint Springs Resort Analog to Digital Cellular

Desert Wild Flowers 2008 (Big 500kb Image)

A cabin soon to be lost

12/2/2007 Jail Cabin Cleanup

White Swan Cabins Removed Before and After Pictures


Dumont Dunes Shoe Tree

Death Saline Valley, Whitney Cell Coverage Info

11/1/07 10 day adventure
10/10/07 Verizon Wireless Cabins 
5/20/07 Satarz In Da Sky Complex


1473/1069 Cabin


12.5.06 CC Communications Cabin and Mine

Bermans Wolfman Dell Braiden Murder Cabin

More on shoe trees


10/30/05 Air Leak Trip

TeleTubby Cabin

11/24/05 Thanksgiving Fire at Mingus Mead

1/17/06 Diazanon Crystals

4/5/06 New Motorola M800bp Bag Phone (coverage at most of these sites)


EV Electrovoice University Sound 30 INCH 30" Woofer 30W PATRICIAN Cabinet

8/20/05 Mingus Mead Clean up.

KFUK Burning Man Radio Station

Checking horizontal output tube cathode current in rca tv

Webcor 2448 2449 Radio Restoration and Repair

Pats Watercolor Media Paintings

Milan 10/100 Switch No Power Supply Failure

My Vintage Tube Zenith RCA TV Collection

More Old Color Console TVs Packard Bell Philco Roundie 25cc50 Zenith RCA XL100

How to remove the yellow green ring halo cataract from a zenith style crt picture tube

Teledyne Packard Bell 900 Color Television Set

Zenith integrator values substitution whats inside the zenith television 87-4 87-5 87-7 87-8 integrators

VDR Voltage Dependent Resistors Varistors Specifications Values Thermistors Negative Coefficient Resistors Temperature Compensated Resistors

Packard Bell 98c18 Schematic and parts list

RCA vintage round tube tv schematics ctc11 ctc12 ctc15 ctc16 ctc20

Blanking circuit for old tvs that removes macrovision retrace lines.

4/2010 Commnet Wireless has installed a GSM and CDMA digital tower in the Furnace Creek Death Valley area most postpaid customer can roam on.

Analog Cellular phone service was murdered 8/2011 in Death Valley and Panamint Valley . Good idea to get a satellite phone or Spot for safety on the back roads.

death valley is still analog only cellular cell coverage